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Chef Demelo


Demelo Dining is a private dining company created by Chef Christopher Demelo. Chef Chris is back in Miami and ready to bring you the ultimate dining experience, at the comfort of your own home. We are talking about the best flavors, presentation, sauces, menu options and passion in every bite.

We are elevating the “at home” dining experience to a whole different realm. Chef Chris loves to share his past experiences he obtained in New York City, working for Chef Daniel Boulud. Allow us to provide you with the best of life, food and experiences. As soon as Demelo Dining steps into the room, the flare is on!

Demelo Dining is a Miami based company and we are here to stay. We want to feed the community, one delicious meal at a time. We Mainly focus on small private dining events at the moment, but plan on expanding into a much larger Food & Hospitality Group within our local community.

Demelo DiningDemelo DiningDemelo DiningDemelo DiningDemelo Dining
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    Select your personalized experience

    Choose between either a catering or a private dining event. Upon discussing the details of your request, we will present you with a customized menu!

  • 2

    Select number of guests

    Chef needs to prepare enough food for everyone to enjoy. Let us know how many guests will attend your event so we can properly prepare your experience.

  • 3

    Select number of courses

    We recommend a three course meal for your first time experience. After that, you will want to experience Chefs seven course dining experience. Get ready to be blown away!

  • 4

    Get in touch

    Fill out and submit our contact form. We will reach out to you to proceed with your submission.

  • Local Ingredients

    All ingredients come from local distrubutors. We time our shopping so that every item is bought near the day of the event. Keeping things fresh.

  • Integrity

    Demelo Dining is a team of likeminded individuals who share upstanding character traits and outstanding work ethics. Our motives, passion and focus translates into the overall guest dining experience. Demelo Dining's goals, beliefs and principles are its core foundation of the work we do.

  • Service

    Demelo Dining will be responsible for all steps of service. We want to ensure you and your guests sit back and enjoy the dining experience. Leave the set up and cleaning to us.




Your event is special to us. What's a memorable event without amazing food? From birthdays, holiday parties, office lunches, social events, let Demelo Dining help cater your next event.

Events of all sizes

Demelo Dining is aware of how special it is for you to host an event. Let us help you to add to the memorable experience. Demelo Dining's catering service is customized from start to finish! If there are any questions, special requests, allergies, just let us know so we can accomadate! Demelo Dining's catering team is ready to deliver a 5 star dining experience for you and your guests.

Private Dining

Chef and his team are ready to execute the best dining experience you will have at the comfort of your own home. Sit back, enjoy your company and get ready for a memorable experience. From family gatherings to a private dinner of two, Demelo Dining is at your service.

For any special occasion

We know how special it is for you to invite family and loved ones to a private dinner event. Chef and his team are honored to bring their passion to your dining table. Get ready to be in awe with dishes full of color, flavour, and life.

Contact Us

Ready to take it to the next level? Let’s talk about your upcoming event. Please leave us a short detailed message regarding your upcoming event. Include number of courses, guests, likes, dislikes, allergies and any special requests!